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Bica, Carlos

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Double bass player and composer Carlos Bica is among the most prolific and innovative sound artists of Portugal. Known for his lyrical and singing tone on the double bass, Carlos Bica was Musician of the Year in Portugal in 1998. "Both a remarkable composer and musician who knows to mix his folkloric, lyrical roots with any modern style he encounters" (Double Bassist). His latest album "Look What They've Done To My Song" (Enja Records) again with Berlin guitar player Frank Möbus and New York drummer Jim Black is Azul's third strike. "The title tune, an adaptation of Melanie's hippie hymn get's the stylistic bordercrossing to the point: it's Flower Power passing Bica's lyrical Portuguese soul and translated into guitar cries and jazz beats. Southernish lightness with a touch of downtown hipness and a twist of rock: this could be an apropriate description. Definitely one of the hottest breezes blowing these days." (H.J.S.) His debut album "Azul", recorded for Polygram/Emarcy, features guitar player Frank Möbus and drummer Jim Black, with singer Maria João and trombone player Ray Anderson as guests. It was voted "Best Jazz Record of the Year" in Portugal in 1996. "Twist" was the follow-up to Bica's "Azul" album, recorded in 1999 for Enja Records with the original line-up and portuguese singer and actress Ana Brandão as guest. The record was "CD of the Month" of the music magazine Stereo in February 2000; the magazine "Jazz Podium" (02/2000) called it "a masterpiece". Started by a comission from the Expo 1998 in Lisbon, Bica embarked upon his project "DIZ" (meaning "Speak to me") together with the extraordinary new singer and actress Ana Brandão. His fruits of this project were recorded and released in April 2001 for Enja Records. The album "DIZ" presents a new development in his music. Together with João Paulo (piano), Katharina Gramss (violin) and Mike Rutledge (viola) "DIZ" leaps across the stylistic borders of chamber music, Portuguese folk, theatre, jazz and the art of song, with the entertaining ease and serious intensity of musical virtuosity. Jazz Podium termed it "Grandiose Music"; Tip-Berlin: "An elegy of beauty". Carlos Bica has also composed for several theatres as well as dance and film productions. He worked for many years with renowned vocalist Maria João - a cooperation that established him on the international scene. He has played at the most important jazz festivals in Europe and Asia and has worked with Ray Anderson, Kenny Wheeler, Aki Takase, Paolo Fresu, Maria João, Julian Arguelles, Steve Arguelles, Lee Konitz, Mário Laginha, Mathias Schubert, João Paulo, Markus Stockhausen, Antonio Pinho Vargas, Alexander von Schlippenbach among others. In the traditional music of his native Portugal -o fado- he performed with singer Carlos do Carmo, the best known musician of this popular genre, and recorded several albums with him. Among further important and inspiring authorities of the Portuguese musical tradition with whom Carlos Bica has performed and recorded rank such names as - José Mário Branco, Camané, Pedro Caldeira Cabral and Janita Salomé.
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